H2-Ooh: Philadelphia Mag Recognizes New Hope Sites as Best Places for Dining by the Water

Stella New Hope
Image via Stella.

Outdoor dining is popular any spring, but this year, it’s often the only game in town, given coronavirus restrictions. Whether driven by safety precautions or not, al fresco is always better with a water view. Maddy Sweitzer-Lammé, of Philadelphia Magazine, determined the area’s best. 

Two New Hope locations got the nod. 

Great Barn Taproom hugs the shores of the Delaware Canal. Tableside at the back porch is lovely this time of year, as the quiet water gently slides by.  

Great Barn is known for farm-to-glass beer. Its brewers make use of some truly interesting seasonal ingredients. Right now, they include buckthorn berries, which carry an intense and tangy taste. 

The pierogis are an inexpensive nosh but delicious nonetheless. 

José Garces’ Stella provides a more romantic vibe in both its wine list and its menu. Ingredients are sourced locally and incorporated into dishes that include spaghetti pie with truffle cream and vegetable-fried rice with kimchi served with a fried duck egg. 

The outdoor patio displays sweeping views of the riverfront, and the exceptional river views feature into its event space. 

Stella, the restaurant’s namesake, isn’t in tribute to a long-lost Italian aunt or a nod to A Streetcar Named Desire. The site is named for a one-eared pit bull the owners’ daughter found and adopted. 

The rest of the area’s notable waterfronts for dining are available in Philadelphia Magazine

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