How Many of Your Bucks County Neighbors Have COVID-19? A Community-by-Community Snapshot

Image via duncan c at Creative Commons.

The good news for Bucks County’s war against the spread of COVID-19 is that cases are dropping off. For the week ending April 8, 300 fewer residents received a positive diagnosis from the week prior.  

The bad news is that the progress is slow. On average, the number of COVID-19 cases fell only an average of 50 cases across 91 Bucks County communities, according to Pennsylvania Department of Health data. 

And bucking even that tepid trend of progress was Churchville, whose numbers rose by nine cases. 

Current COVID-19 hotspots include: 

  • Tullytown: 4,700 cases 
  • Warminster: 2,948 cases 
  • Morrisville, 2,935 cases 
  • Churchville, 2,870 cases 
  • Upper Holland, 2,747 cases 

Twenty-five Bucks County ZIP Codes showed no new cases at all; some reported a zero gain for the second week in a row. These are, understandably, in the county’s less populated areas such as Durham, Forest Grove, Zionhill and Bedminster. 

The official advice on slowing the spread is nothing new: wash hands, wear masks, stay socially distant and get vaccinated. 

More information on Bucks County’s current COVID-19 status is available on the PA Department of Health website

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