COVID-19 Testing Trucks Bring Safe Testing to Vulnerable Populations

State Rep. Todd Stephens has partnered with TPIN to ensure speedy return of COVID-19 test results to patients. Image via Aardvark Mobile Health.

Conshohocken-based Aardvark Mobile Health is bringing safe and efficient coronavirus testing to vulnerable populations with its COVID-19 testing trucks, writes Queen Muse for the Philadelphia Magazine.

The company was originally Aardvark Mobile Tours. It organized various promotional events for large brands such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks using trucks it builds in Pennsylvania.

But with the outbreak of the coronavirus, the business suffered a devastating blow.

“We literally went from all-hands-on-deck, selling like crazy, to a complete shut down for about 90 percent of our programs,” said owner Larry Borden.

He then realized it would be easy to turn the vehicles Aardvark owns into mobile COVID-19 testing trucks.

As a result, the company has shifted its focus to providing the infrastructure, drivers, and vehicle maintenance for its growing fleet of trucks that can be used by health systems and city and state governments for mobile coronavirus tests.

This switch in focus gave Borden and his team a renewed sense of purpose “because we know, the more trucks we can get on the road, and the faster we can do that, the more people can get tested and get treatment,” he said.

Read more about Aardvark Mobile Health at the Philadelphia Magazine by clicking here.

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