“Alexa, What Aisle Are the Anchovies in?” Amazon Enters Local Supermarket Market

Image via Amazon.

Amazon is directing its pointed-smile attention toward a grocery-store line of business expansion on the East Coast, including Bucks County, reports Annie Palmer for CNBC. 

In the same way the business titan has redefined industries from retail to tech to delivery services, it is looking to upend consumer’s expectations of traditional supermarkets. Competitors in the $900 billion U.S. grocery industry are understandably nervous. 

The proposed local site is in Warrington. Other east-coast stores are reportedly heading to Washington, D.C., northern Virginia and Maryland. 

“We’re thrilled to … confirm that we’re hiring for Zone Leads for an Amazon grocery store in the Warrington, PA, area,” an Amazon spokesperson said. 

It is unclear if the new stores will offer the high-tech touches available through its Fresh brand. Shoppers at the 11 Fresh markets across the U.S. use smart Dash Carts to skip checkout lines and interact with displays via voice activation. Fresh stores also try to appeal to pragmatic consumers who are disinterested in upscale items and their higher price points.  

Consumers’ increasing demand for same-day deliveries — which surged during the COVID-19 outbreak — is expected to be another Amazon advantage. 

More on Amazon’s high-tech concept of grocery shopping and the impact it may have is on CNCB

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