New York Post: Among the New Hope Sights to See, a Celeb or Two Can be Added to the List

Image via red carpet report on mingle media at Creative Commons

Daylight Savings Time is here, winter is backing off and with any luck, COVID-19 restrictions will be following suit. It’s time to emerge and rediscover places like New Hope, which, writes Christopher Cameron for the New York Post, celebs are doing in increasing numbers. 

In search of a COVID-cautious nearby getaway, famous New Yorkers are discovering, or rediscovering, New Hope. Recent sightings have included Tina Fey, Leonardo DiCaprio and model Gigi Hadid, all making the 90-minute hop from Manhattan. 

“Since the 1950s, New Hope has supported paint slingers, hippies, bikers and a thriving gay scene. Today, bohemia is giving way to big spenders and the hamlet of 2,500 residents now attracts a wealth of Midtown executives (and) Broadway bigshots,” Cameron describes. 

“We have a lot of Fortune 500 CEOs and celebrities, but we are totally off the grid,” says Ron Gorodesky, the President of Refined Hospitality, owner of the River House at Odette’s hotel. “New Hope had gone through a period of, dare I say, some decay over the last 20 years. It was time to invest in New Hope and we have invested heavily, as have others. You are seeing a transformation of this town.” 

For more about what’s hot in New Hope, read the New York Post article, here

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