With Many Destination Marathons Sidelined, Bucks County Offers a Nearby Alternative

Image via River House at Odette's

Most destination marathons — running courses with interesting settings like the Great Wall of China, Paris’ Champs Elysee or Walt Disney World — have been affected by COVID-19. But there are convenient Bucks County alternatives, writes Kristin Schott writes for Philadelphia Magazine

A challenging run bookended by pampering in nearby hotel is as accessible as New Hope. 

No flights. No long drives. No crowds. Not even an entry fee. 

“Unless you’re an ultra-runner, the thought of jogging the nearly 60-mile stretch of the Delaware Canal towpath between Bristol and Easton might be less than appealing. But you can always break it up into chunks,” Schott advised. 

The towpath hugs the scenic Delaware River, getting more picturesque as Spring emerges, with options to zip back and forth to New Jersey. Five east-west bridges provide plenty of variety. 

The River House at Odette’s is a good recommendation. Its concierge can map out specific routes for running, hiking and biking (and yes, bikes can be rented onsite). 

Read more about local running spots on Philadelphia Magazine here

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