To Remember Late Son, Bucks County Family Creates a Buddy Bench Dedicated to His Memory

A picture of Joseph Malcolm, Jr.
Image via 6abc.
The young boy's family wishes to honor his memory through the installation of a bench.

The family of nine-year-old Joey Malcolm Jr., who died at a pond in New Britain, is making sure that his legacy lives on with a Buddy Bench dedicated in his honor, writes Briana Smith for 6abc.

The boy was fishing at the pond on June 9 when he fell in and drowned. His family wants to keep his spirit alive as well as make sure that a similar tragedy never happens again.

They built a Buddy Bench and placed it at Simmons Elementary School, in Horsham, which Joey attended. The dedication took place on Saturday with family, friends, and school leaders present.

The bench has Joey’s picture on it and an engraving that reads: “The meaning of the Buddy Bench: When fishing, swimming, riding bikes or any outdoor activity, don’t go alone. Friends and buddies make things more fun and safe. Buddies look out for one another and never leave a friend behind.”

In Joey’s memory, the family has also created Joey’s Gifts, which will provide financial assistance through a scholarship program to children who love sports but cannot afford to play.

Read more about the Buddy Bench at 6abc.


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