For Feasterville Man, Magnet Fishing Is Part Treasure Hunting, Part Environmentalism

A magnet fishing setup laid out on the ground
Image via iStock.
Sean Gillan of Feasterville has found a plethora of items while magnet fishing.

Sean Gillan of Feasterville enjoys spending his time magnet fishing at the banks of the Delaware River, where he has fished out everything from a bottle cap to a chain to a piece of a computer, reports John McDevitt for KYW Newsradio.

Once he finds a good spot, Gillan fastens high power magnets to a long rope and then tosses them into the river. Then he then slowly pulls them back in.

The biggest find he has ever made was a four-by-five-foot door of a safe. Unfortunately, the safe was nowhere to be found but he did make money for the door at the scrapyard.

Scrapyards pay about $30 for 300 pounds of metal.

And there is an added bonus to the activity. In addition to getting paid for some of the items he fishes out, Gillan is also helping keep the river clean. This makes magnet fishing a cross between treasure hunting and environmentalism for the Bucks County man.

Listen to the entire segment at KYW Newsradio.


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