Yardley Museum Celebrates One Year of Local History and Organizating Informative Events

The exterior of an old chuch in Bucks County
Image via Gather Place.
Now under the conservatorship of Shirley Lee Corsey, its currently open on weekends.

A museum in Bucks County is celebrating one full year of sharing local history and participating in educational events around the area.

The Gather Place Museum, located at 188 South Canal Street in Yardley, is commemorating a full year of sharing Yardley’s history with local residents and visitors. The building of the church that it operates out of was built in 1877 by African Americans who crossed over the nearby Delaware River and has always been owned by African Americans for the past 146 years. 

Now under the conservatorship of Shirley Lee Corsey, it has acted a museum of local history that is pertinant to the story of the country.

“With the unwavering support of my family, friends, and the entire community, we have made significant strides in preserving and restoring this historic gem and I couldn’t be prouder of the progress we’ve made together,” Corsey said on the musuem’s social media.

“To everyone who has witnessed and contributed to this success, I extend my heartfelt thanks.”

Learn more about their activities at Gather Place.


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