Yardley Museum Teams Up with Sesame Place for New Program, Development Partnership

Image via Gather Place Museum.
The museum and theme park are teaming up for an important program.

A museum and theme park in Bucks County are teaming up in an unlikely partnership in order to promulgate an important program.

The Gather Place Museum, located at 188 South Canal Street in Yardley, has announced a new Program, Development and Support Partnership with Sesame Place, located in Langhorne. Recent visits and discussions with Sesame Place representatives including Cathy Valeriano, the park’s President, have spearheaded this initiative and is warmly welcomed by Shirley Lee Corsey, the Executive Director of Gather Place.

The partnership includes voluntary work focusing on property upkeep and assistance during live show events in efforts to restore the church to its glory days and provide an educational experience for guests and viewers.  

Gather Place Museum is located at the old African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E) Church in the Historic District of Yardley Borough. It was built in 1877 by African Americans who crossed over the nearby Delaware River and has always been owned by African Americans for the past 146 years.

This location is the home of Gather Place a non-profit organization. Listed with the National Register of Historic Places, it opened its doors in September of 2022. Now under the conservatorship of Shirley Lee Corsey, its currently open on weekends, while during the week being restored through charitable and individual donations, and grants.  

Gather Place Museum is the very first African American & Woman owned and operated American History Museum to open in Bucks County. Its stated mission includes providing meaningful community-based events and activities by a more inclusive revelation about Yardley Borough, Bucks County and the state of Pennsylvania’s Quaker founders, many forgotten people and neighborhoods, including African American and Women’s history and heritage.  

Learn more about the partnership at Gather Place.


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