Montgomery County Is Home to Some of the Best Wine Bars in the Area

Wine being poured into a wine glass
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Local Wine & Kitchen and Bar Sera are two of the hottest wine bars in Montgomery County.

If you enjoy a nice glass of wine or two to relax after a long week, then a trip to one of the best wine bars in the area might just be what you need this weekend.

Instead of just going to your local waterhole, go where the staff specializes in great-tasting vino, writes Olivia Stefano for Main Line Today.

Here in Montgomery County some of the best wine bars include Local Wine & Kitchen in Ardmore and Bar Sera in Conshohocken.

Local Wine & Kitchen first came on the wine scene in August 2014 and has made a name for itself as a bar that loves wine and handmade cocktails. Local also offers family-style dining so you can bring the family too.

Bar Sera is a small, independent restaurant with a cozy vibe. It offers a wide selection of fine wines for happy hour and serves locally produced food in fun and unique ways.

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