Erwinna Winery Make Changes to Bottles in Order to Beat Supply Chain Issues

Image via Sand Castle Winery.
The winery is making changes to impact negative supply chain issues.

A winery in Bucks County is making changes to their operations in order to combat the economic impact of their industry. Staff writers at Wine Industry Advisor wrote about the winery’s business strategies.

Sand Castle Winery, located at 755 River Road in Erwinna, is changing the look of some of their wines for business reasons.

Many of their creations have come in a cobalt blue bottle. Due to supply chain issues that occurred as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, they are switching to clear glass bottles to save money and add uniformity to their line.

“It’s a very specific and unique bottle and label design, and we wanted to keep the integrity of that 25-year-old product and honor it,” said Chad Sletten, the winery’s Managing Partner.

“We used our 25-year mark as the moment to pivot to new packaging. The new process also removed a couple of steps, drastically reducing the cost of goods since it’s quite expensive to procure the cobalt glass bottle and have it screen printed.”

Read more about the winery’s change of plans at Wine Industry Advisor.


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