The Washington Post: Josh Shapiro Has Mastered the Politics of Addition

Josh Shapiro at a podium
Image via The Washington Post.

At a time when politics is still so highly divisive, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro is moving the state away from a politics of resentment to one of addition, writes columnist E.J. Dionne Jr. for The Washington Post.

Shapiro’s recent feat of getting a collapsed part of Interstate 95 fixed within 12 days is just one example of how he is trying to prove to voters that government can be effective, Dionne says. And that it will also listen to those who often feel disrespected or ignored.

“You’ve got to show up everywhere, and you’ve got to speak to everyone, and you’ve got to speak in plain language and in practical terms,” Shapiro said in an interview.

He added that in his 2022 campaign, “I went to counties the Democrats had written off a long time ago and spoke about workforce development and spoke about how we’re going to bring back the economy and talked about it in very tangible, practical ways.”

Now as governor, Shapiro says he wants to reassure voters who are financially struggling that their concerns are being heard.

One of his first executive orders was to eliminate the college degree requirement for 92 percent of state government jobs.

Read more about how Shapiro has become a champion of a less fractious type of politics in The Washington Post.


I-95 reopens after collapse.

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