Montgomery County Man Hopes to Get His Breath Back During Temple Lung Center Clinical Trial

Dennis Hood
Image via iStock.
A new drug being tested in clinical trials may help improve lung function.

Dennis Hood was shocked when he discovered he had the progressive lung condition Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and not just a bad cold, writes 6ABC staff.

The prognosis from the first doctor he saw was pretty grim, he said, but a new clinical trial at Temple Lung Center has renewed his hope that he will be able to improve his lung function and breathe better.

The ongoing Phase 3 clinical trial is for a new drug called Fibroneer which preliminary data has shown can slow down the progressive scarring of the lungs.

Hood, who lives in Montgomery County, doesn’t know if he is receiving Fibroneer or the placebo, but he says he already sees an improvement.

His blood oxygen level is higher, and he feels less shortness of breath.

“I’m doing more things in the garden,” he says. “I’m involved in helping other people. I’m in support mode for a mission in Norristown. I take communion to people who can’t come to church for it.”

Read more about the new drug at 6ABC.


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