Bucks County Fashion Designer Developed Her Brand Through Unique Vision, Craftsmanship

A model in Victoria Wright's clothing
Image via Victoria Wright.
She developed her brand over time with a unique vision and incredible craftsmanship. Shown above is a model in her designer clothing.

Bucks County fashion designer Victoria Wright started her career almost a decade ago after she completed her studies at Moore College of Art and Design in Philadelphia, writes Sallida for the Lemontrend.

Over the last decade, she worked for several top brands, including Club Monaco, Rebecca Taylor, and Urban Outfitters. She was also a finalist in the Philadelphia Magazine Fashion Project. She presented her first collection at Atlantic City Fashion Week.

She developed her brand over time with a unique vision and incredible craftsmanship following a simple motto: timeless, elegant, and effortless.

“The fashion industry is super competitive, but very exciting!” she said. “Every day is different with new challenges and rewards. My favorite part is being able to help people look and feel their best through great design.”

And for the Philadelphia fashion industry, Wright could only offer words of praise.

“The industry in Philadelphia is very collaborative and community based,” she said. “We all help each other and are always willing to network, connect, and share industry secrets between one another.  I love the spirit of comradery we have as opposed to cut throat competition. It’s very refreshing!”

Read more about Victoria Wright in the Lemontrend.


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