Skimming Device Found at Wawa ATM in Bristol Township. Here’s How to Stay Safe

skimming device
Image via iStock.
Those committing the crimes are installing skimmers on gas pump ATMs, such as the one pictured above.

If you have used the Wawa ATM in Bucks County recently, police are advising you to check your bank account due to a skimming device that was found at the location, reports Deanna Durante for NBC10 Philadelphia.

Police are now searching for two suspects who they believe installed the device at the ATM on Wednesday last week. Police are also asking the public to look at the surveillance photo to see if they recognize the two perpetrators.

According to police, the duo placed the device around 9 AM on Wednesday last week and it was discovered in the afternoon later that day.

People who frequent the Bristol Township Wawa were upset over the discovery.

“It’s just an unfortunate time that we’re living in,” said one shopper. “It’s actually quite sad.”

She added that issues like these are what are preventing her from using ATMs. So to get access to her money, she goes directly to the bank.

Bristol Township police are asking anybody with information about the incident to contact them.

Watch the entire segment at NBC10 Philadelphia.


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