Bucks County Agency Warns Residents To Be on the Lookout for a Particular Scam Around Valentine’s Day

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Phone scams are a common occurrence in Bucks County this time of year.

As the season of love fast approaches, a Bucks County authority is warning residents of a unique scam that pulls on the heartstrings.

The Consumer Investigators of the Bucks County Consumer Protection Department are warning local residents of the yearly “sweetheart scam”, a popular scam that takes place every year around Valentine’s Day.

The scam usually involves a phone call or email where the scammers will typically spend weeks or months building the relationship, making promises of love and commitment.

“Once they have “groomed” the victim, they will play on their ‘love’ and sympathy by asking for money or personal information for reasons such as medical emergencies, travel expenses (so they can meet in person), or investment opportunities,” the agency said online.

“They may also use personal information to commit identity theft.”

Learn more about the scam at bucks county.gov.

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