Bucks County Health Department to Spray for Mosquitos in Two Local Townships

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The spraying will occur in two local townships.

Two townships in Bucks County will be sprayed to control the amount of mosquitos in the area, a preventative measure against diseases.

The Bucks County Department of Health’s West Nile Virus Mosquito Control Program is conducting an ultra-low volume (ULV) mosquito control operation in the areas of Bristol and Falls Township.

“The treatment will be administered via truck-mounted equipment, spraying mosquito habitats in residential and park locations,” the agency said online. “Trucks used in the spray are identified with Bucks County seal logos located on the doors.”

Treatments will occur in Bristol Township areas bounded by New Falls Road, Magnolia Drive, and Levittown Parkway will be treated.

Treatments will occur in Falls Township areas bounded by North Oxford Valley Road, Austin Drive, South Olds Boulevard, South Queen Anne Drive, and Trenton Road will be treated. In addition, areas bounded by New Falls Road, Thornridge Drive, Timber Lane, Twig Lane, Timothy Lane, Bald Cypress Lane, and Birch Drive will be treated.

Learn more at the Bucks County Health Department.


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