Mosquito Bug Bite Season Is Quietly Waiting in the Wings: Nexgel, Langhorne, Has a Fix Ready to Fly

Image via Jimmy Chan at Pexels.
The medicated patches from Nexgel will come in handy once these pesky pests emerge from hibernation.

Although spring-summer bugs are still dormant (male mosquitos died off last fall; female mosquitos are hibernating), Nexgel, Inc., is preparing for their emergence and the bug bite discomfort that will follow.

The Langhorne hydrogel product manufacturer has announced its Medagel Bug Bite Relief Patch.

The cooling patches provide instant relief to irritated skin caused by insect bites.

“When an insect bites you — be it a mosquito or wasp — your body creates a natural immune response, which typically results in swelling of the skin and an insatiable itch, both leading to discomfort,” said Adam Levy, company Chief Executive Officer.

“That intense itchy sensation creates an overwhelming urge to scratch the skin until it’s raw.

“With the creation of the Medagel Bug Bite Relief Patches, we’re helping consumers maintain healthy skin barriers by reducing inflammation and discomfort to stop them from breaking the skin, which can ultimately lead to infection and scarring.”
The patches are available on

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