Bucks County High School Seniors Take ‘Last Ride’ on Buses to Their Graduation

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Image via Pennridge School District.
The graduating seniors came together for one last school bus ride.

Graduating seniors of a high school in Bucks County all came together for a longstanding tradition that invokes a lot of nostalgia.

The entire senior class of Pennridge High School, located at 1228 North 5th Street in Perkasie, took place in the annual “last ride”, where they all get on school buses on the way to their graduation. The longtime tradition gives the seniors one last chance to experience school transportation the way they did throughout their lives.

“Congratulations to these amazing students as well as all of their families and loved ones,” Pennridge School District said online. “The Pennridge community celebrates you tonight.”

As students around the county graduate and move onto the next phase of life, traditions like these leave a lasting impression and give students a final chance to come together.

“It is paramount that our students graduate with knowledge of their talents, passions, and what is necessary for them to remain life-long learners and productive citizens. These objectives need to be accomplished in a community-oriented environment that is safe, welcoming, nurturing, student-centered, and respectful of all.”

Learn more about the tradition at Pennridge School District.


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