Oh My!: Young Black Bear Spotted Wandering Around Bucks County Suburbs

furry friend
Image via iStock.
Authorities are letting residents know that black bears are not naturally aggressive.

Residents of Bucks County have reported seeing a furry friend in the area, but authorities are saying that it is nothing to worry about.

This past week, several residents in and around the area of Upper Makefield Township have called in sightings of a young black bear wandering around local suburbs. The Yardley Borough Police Department described the animal as a “very small, very young” bear, who has gone out into the world without its mother for the first time.

“Bears do reside in the township and need to be respected,” the Upper Makefield Township Police Department said on social media. “No reason to fear, and we hope you enjoy all that Mother Nature has to offer Upper Makefield.”

Wildlife authorities have suggested that residents of the area remove any bird feeders and other food sources from outside.

“Large urban centers and agricultural areas, such as the southeastern corner of Pennsylvania, and parts of the western border, lack sufficient forest habitat and bears seen there mostly are transient,” the Pennsylvania Game Commission said online.

With the exception of mother bears with their cubs nearby, black bears are not known to be aggressive and typically avoid contact with humans.

Learn more about the black bear at the Pennsylvania Game Commission.


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