Bear Necessities: We’re Not the Only Suburbs Evicting Hairy, Hungry Nocturnal Visitors


A black bear captured in a Clifton Heights yard has been safely transported to State Game Lands in a less populated area in Dauphin County, reports the CBS3 staff.

The drowsy Delaware County bear had been hit with a tranquilizer dart and was hanging from a tree in the yard of Adriana Fernande. He slowly descended to the ground.

Wardens from the State Game Commission, assisted by police and firefighters, scooped him up in a tarp.

The bear was captured overnight Tuesday into Wednesday near Baltimore Pike after creating a local stir among residents in the Drexel Hill, Lansdowne, Clifton Heights area.

Officials spent hours Tuesday searching, assisted by helicopters and set up a bear trap with sweets in Kent Park in Drexel Hill to try to lure it.

 “I was just upstairs watching TV and I see all of these lights and people talking, and I’m like, ‘Did someone get pulled over out front?’ So I go to look out the window, there’s cop cars, and then I look out back and there’s just 30 cops just everywhere for Yogi the bear,” Joshua Switz said.

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