Governor Shapiro Visits Bucks County to Discuss Investments in Biotech Industry

Image via Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center of Bucks County.
The Governor was joined by politicians and experts in the field to discuss how to improve its presence in the state.

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro recently made his way to Bucks County to discuss the biotech industry with local experts. Justin Backover wrote about the discussion for WFMZ 69 News.

Last week, the Governor held a round table discussion at the Pennsylvania Biotechnology Center of Bucks County, located in Doylestown. He was joined by Secretary Rick Siger, State Senator Steve Santaserio, and several biotech business owners in and around the area.

“I think biotech is one of those areas where we have an opportunity to really plant a flag and excel,” he said.

The Governor’s first budget proposal includes investments that will help the growth of workforce training and retention, STEM education, university research, and manufacturing. He also hopes to bring the corporate net income tax rate down to help those in the industry.

“I have seen the way a startup grows. One thing I face all the time is the initial funding,” said Kunwar Shailubhai, an advisor at the Biotech Center. “I see a number of ideas here who are not succeeding because of lack of funding.”

Read more about Shapiro’s visit at WFMZ 69 News.


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