Pipersville Brewery Features Large Outdoor Space Where Visitors Can Enjoy Unique Beers

image via Bucks county Brewery.
The brewery offers a wide array of beers in a great hangout.

A brewery in Bucks County is offering a great place for locals and visitors to come and enjoy themselves with great beer. William Lehan wrote about the brewery for PHL 17.

Bucks County Brewery, located at 31 Appletree Lane in Pipersville, is well known in the area for its large outdoor space where visitors can enjoy some of its unique brews in a relaxing environment.

During the warmer months, owner Glen Ockenhouse encourages visitors to come with their lawn chairs and fully enjoy the space. In addition to getting a chance to try some delicious beers, visitors also can often enjoy live music and even food from different food trucks.

The musical diversity “we hope, is what’s gonna bring you in,” said Ockenhouse. “Hip hop, to country, to classic rock, it really just depends on the day.”

The brewery’s beautiful outdoor space is complemented by a small taproom that can accommodate around 15-20 people at a time. The brewery features a variety of different kinds of unique, small batch beers, all of which are made on-site.

“From high APV to low APV, we just like to have a beer for pretty much anybody,” said Ockenhouse.

Read more about Bucks County Brewery at PHL 17.


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