Bensalem Houses What May Be the First Brewery-Distillery Collective in the U.S.

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Image via Mutual Respect Brewers Co-op at Forbes.
Members of the Mutual Respect Brewers Co-op.

Three local brewing-distilling veterans have banded together, launching a unique business model in a Bucks County headquarters. The Mutual Respect Brewers Co-Op, operating from the Broken Goblet Brewing in Bensalem, seeks to benefit from the principals’ collective knowledge and experience. Tara Nurin uncapped their intent in Forbes.

The members are:

  • Jeremy Myers co-founder of Neshaminy Creek Brewing
  • Mike “Scoats” Scotese, owner of Grey Lodge Pub (Phila.)
  • Jason Macias, former sales manager for Neshaminy Creek and Vault Brewing Company

This trio intends to hew closely to tradition. They commit to reviving abandoned craft beer recipes; adhering to strict, German brewing standards; and creating a unique destination for enjoying same.

As is the case with co-ops, the members expect to enjoy economies of scale in accessing equipment and ingredients. Their unification will also, they believe, allow them to make lower batches of rarer brews whose sales will be less susceptible to volatility, owing to scale.

Oversaturation in this business is a steady concern.

“So many breweries are opening. Maybe too many. I remember predicting five years ago that the industry would need to consolidate,” says Broken Goblet co-owner Mike LaCouture.

To accommodate the expected uptick in business, Broken Goblet is adding a second tasting room, performance space, and rooms for private events.

More on this collective is in Forbes.

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