Former Partner of John Lennon Hosting Photo Exhibition at Bucks County Art Gallery

art gallery
Image via May Pang.
The exhibit will show images from the former Beatles' love life.

The former partner of one of the world’s most famous musicians will be sharing her story through pictures at an art gallery in Bucks County.

Arete Gallery, located at 122 South Main Street in New Hope, will be hosting a photography exhibit from May 19 – 21. The exhibit was put together by May Pang, a former music executive from New York City who was in a relationship with Beatles member John Lennon from 1973 to 1975.

Pang was the personal assistant of Lennon and his wife, artist and musician Yoko Ono, before her relationship with the renowned songwriter. The event coincides with the recent release of the film “The Lost Weekend: A Love Story”, which covers the relationship in detail.

The gallery will feature never-before-seen images of the two from what many music historians and journalists have called Lennon’s “lost weekend”. Pang will be present at the event to meet guests and discuss the photographs.

“Don’t miss this opportunity to see Lennon’s private moments captured by someone who knew him intimately during this creative time in his life,” the art gallery said online.

“All works will be available for purchase. Join us for a unique glimpse into Lennon’s world through May Pang’s lens at Arete Gallery.”

Learn more about the upcoming show at Arete Gallery.


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