Bucks County Warehouse, Offering 500 New Jobs, Wins Final Approval from Local Township

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The new warehouse is expected to bring a large amount of new jobs into the area.

After a long period of discussions and concerns, a new warehouse is being planned for Bucks County, bringing with it a slew of new jobs. Damon C. Williams wrote about the project for the Bucks County Courier Times.

Falls Township supervisors recently finalized plans for the latest warehouse of LPC Morrisville to be built in the area. The 973,200-square foot warehouse will be built at 2300 South Pennsylvania Avenue. A tenant has not been chosen yet.

Around 500 jobs are expected to be created through the new warehouse. It is being built during a “warehouse boom”, and Bucks County has been one of the prime areas in the country where the trend is helping the local economy.

Once the building of the warehouse is complete, developers said it would generate $963,000 in real estate taxes to Pennsbury School District, along with $41,000 in municipal taxes and $33,000 in annual local services taxes.

Read more about the new warehouse in the Bucks County Courier Times.


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