Bucks County Power Plant Listed Among Pennsylvania’s ‘Dirty Dozen’ Polluters

power plant
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The power plant was listed as a major polluter in the state.

According to PennEnvironment, an environmental advocacy group, Fairless Energy in Fairless Hills is one of the “dirty dozen” greenhouse gas-emitting polluters in Pennsylvania, writes Frank Kummer for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

PennEnvironment released a report earlier this week that identifies primarily power plants that burn fossil fuels as the worst polluters. The dozen facilities are responsible for one-fifth of the state’s climate pollution.

“The old adage ‘cheaper by the dozen’ doesn’t apply to Pennsylvania’s 12 largest global warming polluters,” said Stephanie Wein of the PennEnvironment Research & Policy Center. “The Dirty Dozen’s climate-changing emissions are costly to Pennsylvanians and our planet.”

The report identified Fairless Energy, a power plant that uses natural gas, as the top emitter of greenhouse gasses in the Philadelphia area. The plant also ranked ninth overall in the state, with 2,814,228 total greenhouse gasses (MMT CO2 equivalent) emitted.

“The pollution sources identified in this report not only release the greenhouse gasses that are fueling the climate crisis, they also release the chemicals that create dangerous ground-level ozone — the main component of smog — leading to more dangerous bad air days here in Philadelphia,” said Russell Zerbo, an advocate with Clean Air Council.

Read more about Fairless Energy in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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