Yardley Farm Property Continues to Aid the Community After Over 300 Years of Existence

Image via Patterson Farm Preservation.
The farm was originally settled in 1683.

One of the most historic farm properties in Bucks County is still being utilized to this day, helping the community in several ways.

Patterson Farm was settled by Quakers in 1683, originally owned by farmer Thomas Janney, who grew several crops on the property.

In 1998, Lower Makefield Township paid $7.2 million to purchase the land as open space from Tom and Alice Patterson. Back in February, the township voted to have Seiler + Drury create a Master Plan to guide the Community regarding decisions on use, repairs, restorations, and investments of the property.

“While the Master Plan will be developed by a professional firm skilled in these matters, the Township and the Ad Hoc Property Committee are dedicated to seeking input from the community at large and will provide opportunities for comment and input into this process,” the township said online.

A part of the property includes the Janney-Brown Farmstead, which contains a Georgian-style stone house. Artists of Yardley regularly uses this part of the property of artist and community events.

Learn more at Lower Makefield Township.


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