Surgeon Utilizes Bucks County Farmland to Help Women Dealing with Breast Cancer

breast cancer
Image via WHYY.
The surgeon bought the property several years ago.

A surgeon from Bucks County is using a local farm property to help women who are dealing with breast cancer. John George wrote about the surgeon for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

Dr. Monique Gary, a cancer surgeon at Grand View Health, recently gathered together with women in and around the Bucks County area who are facing the diagnosis of breast cancer. They came together at Still Rise Farm in Perkasie for a wellness day festival, the first of many events Gary plans to hold in the area.

Gary bought the property two years ago, with plans to host wellness events in the area for those women who are dealing with the ailment.

“Our main crop is wellness,” she said. “Our mission is to provide educational, agricultural and wellness support services to the cancer community and other populations in need of the valuable lessons of nutritional support and integrative wellness.”

Read more about Gary’s mission in the Philadelphia Business Journal.


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