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Is your work style “I’m running a business” or “I’m building an organization”? The way you answer this question will determine the trajectory of your business.

Are you creating managers who can problem solve or are you constantly putting out fires yourself? If you are spending more time “doing” and not enough time leading, your business will struggle to grow. 

How can you accelerate your team’s performance?

If your managers are not getting the results, you want, what areas are lacking?

  • Sales? 
  • Profit? 
  • Productivity? 
  • Growth? 
  • Safety? 
  • Quality? 

You want your executives, managers, and supervisors to get results. They can’t do it by themselves; they need to work with and through their team members. You need a time-tested, proven process to get you and your leadership team even greater results. Improvement sounds easy, but it’s uncomfortable. That’s why so few people do it!  

To make the changes needed to improve performance and results, your team members must:  

  • Be willing to grow and build their skill set  
  • Be willing to improve and apply what they learn
  • Be willing to learn new techniques  
  • Be willing to be uncomfortable  
  • Have the desire to be their best 
  • Make a commitment to do the work to become their best  

All leaders have a natural style. Some people are aggressive, some are not. Some are extroverted, and some are introverted. You do not have to change your personality or lower your values to become a top-notch leader. 

Many people believe you must be outgoing, upbeat, and chatty to be a great leader. The truth is you can be extremely successful using your own style — one that comes naturally to you.  

While leadership is a contact activity and, therefore, requires verbal and interpersonal (relationship-building) skills, you absolutely can be a successful leader while still being true to your personal style and nature. What matters is how you engage with the people around you. By working with people and encouraging them to work with you, you will get the results you want as a team working toward the same goal.

So, if you want to do better, you must think and act differently. Growth requires change; it is a necessary ingredient for growth in business and life. You must change your attitudes and habits to perform better in the future. Your managers need a toolbox and a common language for them to improve their results through others. 

At Achievement Unlimited, we work with business owners every day to give them the tools they need to innovate and inspire their teams and themselves toward success. To find out more about our leadership development programs, visit today.

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