6 Steps to Creating Great Leaders in Your Organization

creating great leaders
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Whether you are leading a large company or your family, the key to leading well is to develop your members into great leaders. By teaching and encouraging people to live in confidence and skill, you are going to have the best advantage towards a great outcome. That outcome could be your growing company or a legacy of leaders from your family line.

Your long-term success is dependent on giving your managers the skills and tools they need to succeed. Great companies remain great by developing their people with a goal directed, results oriented culture. Leadership and management are modeled behaviors; the expression ‘more is caught than taught’ sums it up well. Words are empty if they are not supported by action.   

How do you get managers who are crushing it? Here is the play book:

Help Team Members Be More Productive

Take stock of what is working and what is not working. Look for stumbling blocks and remove them. Ask the people around you where they see process blocks and invite them to share solutions. Make your team more valuable by investing in solutions.

Communicate Effectively 

Ask better questions to get better answers.  Learn to communicate with different styles and make sure your words and tone are creating the impact and action you want. Again, get honest feedback from others you trust. Improve relationships and create a culture of accountability.

Activity and Results 

Identify and spend time in your high payoff activities and delegate tasks when possible. Delegating tasks can help you in multiple ways.

First, you are freeing up your time and mental space to do the work that you excel at and will bring you the most rewards.

Second, you are giving your staff additional skills and knowledge they can use to benefit your company. Improve your team’s output with a results scorecard and feedback.  

Clarify Goals and Expectations 

Identify your most important business or personal goals and develop specific action plans to achieve them. This takes time and space; make an appointment with yourself on the calendar away from distraction. 

Clarify expectations to avoid miscommunication. Get everyone on the same timeline and route.  

Motivate People to Produce 

Get people to perform better because they want to, not because they must. Give praise to reinforce the behaviors you want to see and use positive feedback to correct ineffective behavior. 

Create Synergistic Teamwork 

Increase cooperation and collaboration using one of many online platforms not by adding one more meeting.  Be creative and upbeat and don’t forget to celebrate those wins with your team!

Create synergy by focusing on team members’ strengths instead of weaknesses.  

Just like improving your game on the field, creating a productive and effective team takes practice and repetition. If you are stuck and looking to implement some changes, we can help.  Contact us through Achievable.com or michael@achievable.com to hear how we can lead you to victory!

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