Central Bucks East Student Releases New Song as She Kickstarts Her Music Career

Image via Julia Velez.
The local singer and musician released her latest single last week.

A singer-songwriter from Bucks County has released yet another song as she begins her career in the music industry. Ed Doyle wrote about the singer for TAP Into Doylestown.

Julia Velez, a student at Central Bucks High School East, released her third single, “No Sincerity”, on March 31. A sophomore at the Central Bucks School District high school, Velez has two other songs, “Superficial” and “The Original Barbie.”

The lyrics of her new song deal with the emotions that come from relationships that do no work out. While the lyrics are emotional and talk to a deep and sad feeling many people understand, the structure of the song still tells a beautiful story.

Along with her incredible voice, Velez also plays guitars and keyboards on the new track. The song comes as she is working on an EP in Philadelphia.

“Julia has always been a singer ever since she was young but more recently has undertaken songwriting as well,” her official website says.

“From lively and upbeat electric to soft and slow acoustic pieces, Julia opens her listener’s ears to a perspective of her world.”

Learn more about the new song at TAP Into Doylestown.


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