Bucks County Tennis Association Acknowledges the Volunteer Work of Local Students

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Image via Bucks county Tennis Association.
The two students are being commended for their efforts.

A sports organization in the Bucks County area is acknowledging the work of two local residents who have been aiding their efforts.

The Bucks County Tennis Association acknowledged Emily Johannan and Claire Tierney for being graduates of their BCTA Leadership Program Grand Slam.

Both are graduates of the Central Bucks School District. Johanna currently studies biomedical engineering at the Stevens Institute of Technology. and Tierney studies economics and statistics at the University of Pittsburgh.

“Since I can remember, BCTA has been one of the most memorable parts of my life,” Johannan said. “Alongside the coaches and students of BCTA, is where I first grew to love tennis. More importantly it is where I learned life long skills of teamwork, accountability and resilience.”

“I began volunteering with BCTA as a Freshman in High School,” Tierney said. “From my first class, I loved volunteering and working with the BCTA coaches and players. I quickly learned how important it is to be involved, reach out to others and make meaningful connections.”

Learn more about the graduates at the Bucks County Tennis Association.


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