Bensalem Resident Aiming for Congressional Seat Will Run Against Local Politician

United States government
Image via Ashley Ehasz.
The local candidate hopes to win the spot she initially lost.

A resident of Bucks County is once again running for a position in the United States government, competing against a long-time incumbent. Julia Terruso wrote about the local candidate for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Ashley Ehasz, a former military helicopter pilot from Bensalem, is running for Congress, hoping to win a position she lost several months ago. The position she is looking to fill is currently held by Brian Fitzpatrick, a former FBI agent from Levittown. Ehasz lost to Fitzpatrick in the last major election.

“In my heart of hearts, I believe democracy needs this seat flipped,” Ehasz said. “Last year the Democrats were very much on the defensive. It was an expected red wave year and … they were protecting the front line. We’re now on the offensive.”

A member of the Democrat party, her competition is a member of the Republican party. Both candidates hope to work for the American people and make the community and country a better place.

Learn more about the local candidate in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


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