Yardley Loosens Restrictions on Outdoor Dining in Effort to Create a ‘Lively’ Main Street

outdoor dining Yardley Borough
Image via The Reporter.

The Bucks County Planning Commission approved a plan by Yardley Borough to make outdoor dining less restrictive and to help create a “lively” Main Street, writes Greg Vellner for The Reporter.

The borough council is expected to vote on an amended outdoor-dining ordinance sometime in April.

“The amendment will get rid of ambiguous language,” said Council President Caroline Thompson. “We’ve gotten a lot of complaints from businesses that the language was not clear.”

These new measures are currently being drafted and advertised by the Yardley Borough solicitor.

The amendments that were approved at the council’s March 7 meeting include language changes and adjustments to the requirements on the number of outdoor seats, among others.

The Bucks County Planning Commission’s informal review of the amended ordinance gave good marks to borough officials for preemptive dealing with outdoor-dining regulations in the borough.

“We have seen that outdoor dining is an effective way for communities across Bucks County to make attractive spaces for businesses, residents, and visitors to dine, shop, and connect with other individuals,” said the commission. “These changes to the borough’s zoning ordinance advance the borough’s economic goals to create a lively Main Street.”

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