Bensalem Police Lick Law Enforcement Negativism, One Cone at a Time


Bensalem Police Director Fred Harran’s ah-ha moment came while seeking a unique way to strengthen the relationship between his officers and the community. A simple web search led him to a creative and memorable result, reports Marc Narducci for The Philadelphia Inquirer

An online hunt for innovative police community-building ideas led Harran to his breakthrough: ice cream as the catalyst for connecting with residents. 

He took a retired Bensalem Township School District bus, renovated it with $10,000 in donated funds, and launched the Copsicle Cruiser.  

At its first event in May, 400 frozen treats were handed out its cheery window. 

Michelle Benitez is cochair of the executive board of Building a Better Bensalem Together (B3T), a Copsicle donor. She called its inaugural run “…incredible. The energy around the event was just delightful. The police officers were having a great time — and, of course, the kids and parents loved the idea.”   

Harran emphasized that Bensalem Township police have always been proactive in working with the community. The Copsicle builds on that success. The truck is intended to “really try to get to kids, break down barriers, and show them that the police are here to help you,” he said. 

Its goal is to change the long-term flavor of police-youth relationships. 


More on the Copsicle is at The Philadelphia Inquirer. 

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