Doylestown Landscaping Company Wins Big at Philadelphia Flower Show

landscaping company
Image via Philadelphia Flower Show.
The display won the local landscaping company a top prize at the event.

A landscaping company in Bucks County took home the gold at one of the area’s most celebrated event for flower lovers. Cicely Elliott wrote about the company and their award for the Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association.

Mark Cook Landscape and Contracting LLC, a landscaping company in Doylestown, won the top trophy at the Philadelphia Flower Show, an annual event held in Philadelphia. Their display, “A Modern Stroll”, wowed judges at the floral event.

“Accompanied by a persuading melody, eclectic combinations of horticulture and art allow you to drift as a breeze through this modern stroll,” the company said online. “The found sound echoes among the birch and blooms for all travelers’ delight.”

The event began on March 4 and will continue until March 12 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. This year’s theme “The Garden Electric”, allowed gardeners and landscapers to showcase bright and eye-catching flowers, trees, and other beautiful plants into wonderful arrangements.

Read more about the flower show at Pennsylvania Landscape and Nursery Association.


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