Bensalem Tree Expert Seeks to Put a Bee Bee in the Bonnet of New Tree Purchasers

bees on white buds
Image via Parks Talley at YouTube.
Bees on a Bee Bee Tree.

Environmentalists have long sung the praises of the common bumblebee. And although beekeepers give them a proper environment in wooden hives, even everyday homeowners can also encourage their numbers. For example, the addition of a Bee Bee Tree to a property can make a significant impact.

What is a Bee Bee Tree? And where does one obtain one?

The blog at Rick’s Expert Tree Service, Bensalem, has the answers.

A Bee Bee Tree — aka “Korean Evodia”, aka Tetreadium Danielli — is an ornamental tree from Northern China, Tibet, and Korea.

It is a deciduous tree (it sheds leaves annually) and can either be male or female.

The species can, however, be invasive; its seeds are widely spread by feeding birds that find them delicious.

According to Rick Horger, owner of the service bearing his name, Bee Bee Trees grow to about 25 feet, more or less the size of a Dogwood. They prefer full sun and thrive in fertile soil that drains well. One of their upsides for owners is the citrus scent its leaves emit.

Their white flowers are also fragrant, starting as clusters that blossom fully each July to August. That late schedule, well beyond when spring blooms have come and gone, is what makes them especially beneficial to bees, maintaining a steady food supply well into summer.

More information on the Bee Bee Tree — including contact information for professionals who can expertly trim them — is at Rick’s Expert Tree Service.

This Bee Bee Tree is thriving in Alexandria, Va.