Croydon Brewery to Release Yet Another New Beer With a Unique Flavor Profile

Image via Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company.
The anniversary celebration will be held this summer.

A popular brewery in Bucks County is releasing another new beer, this one harkening back to the traditional brewing methods of Europe.

Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company, located at 909 Ray Avenue in Croydon, is gearing up to release their latest brew on Friday. “Humdinger Farmhouse Ale” is a Belgian-style farmhouse ale full of fruity yeast esters with a refreshingly dry finish.

Like many ancient societies that made beer, the purpose of this recipe was to make drinking water safe at a time when filtration methods were limited. Over time, brewers worked with yeasts and other ingredients to make a delicious drink.

“Humdinger has a traditional farmhouse grist comprised of wheat, spelt, and pilsner malt,” the brewery said online. “The yeast is the real showcase here and brings forth the aromas and flavors of stone fruit tea, lemon peel, and wildflowers with an earthy spice and bitterness.”

The new beer will be available at all three of the brewery’s taprooms.

Learn more about the new beer at Neshaminy Creek Brewing.


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