Bucks County Law Enforcement Official Named ‘Police Officer of the Year’ by Local Township

police officer
Image via Bensalem Police.
The officer was acknowledged for his work in the community.

A police officer in Bucks County is being acknowledged for his work in the community and his commitment to safety.

Officer Steve Ambs received the Bensalem Township ‘Police Officer of the Year’ award for 2022.  Officer Ambs was formally recognized for this honor at the Bensalem Township Council meeting on March 27.

“Officer Ambs’ proactive policing, community involvement, participation in PAL events and his overall outstanding performance earned him this prestigious award,” the police department said online.

“Please help us congratulate Officer Ambs for his dedication and his efforts to keep the Bensalem community safe.”

Mayor Joseph DiGirolamo was present at the ceremony. Honoring officers like Ambs acts as a reminder to the community that their are law enforcement officials looking to keep their area safe and a great place to live.

Learn more about Amb’s contributions to the community at CrimeWatch.


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