Could You Turn That Down? Bucks County Residents Hope to Silence ‘Disruptive’ Fire Sirens

Image via Fox 29 Philadelphia.
The sirens have been a hot-button issue for residents for years.

One town in Bucks County is beginning to rethink a very loud part of its infrastructure, but many acknowledge the good it is doing. Reporters at Fox 29 Philadelphia covered the loud sirens.

The sirens located at the Langhorne-Middletown Fire Department have been both a source of safety and annoyance for Bucks County residents for ages. The fire department has long used them to alert firefighters when a call is made.

“The only time that siren blows is when somebody calls 911, so we’re not blowing it for the heck of it,” said Fire Chief Frank Ferry.

Despite the useful nature of the sirens, many see it as a nuisance that needs to go.

“It’s a quiet town, it’s like Mayberry here, and the siren is disruptive,” said Councilmember Scott Haldeman. “I took a couple of years to investigate all these other fire departments and spoke with them, and they shut it off because they say it’s not needed, so why is it needed here?”

Learn more about the sirens at Fox 29 Philadelphia.


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