Bucks County Fire Department Donates Equipment to Parts of Kentucky Damaged in Recent Flood

Image via Wendy Badman
Ottsville Fire Rescue donated equipment to parts of Kentucky damaged in a recent flood.

Bucks County’s Palisades Regional Fire Rescue is donating $500,000 in equipment to parts of Kentucky that were recently damaged in a flood. Phil Gianficaro wrote about the donations in the Bucks County Courier Times.

Following a devastating flood in Kentucky, members of several Bucks County fire departments have been chipping in to help citizens of a far-away state.

“The minute I learned what was happening down there, I knew we had to help in some way,” said Bill Shick, a fire chief and volunteer at the Ottsville Fire Co. “Those people need help, and somebody had to help them.”

Among the donated items were pieces of rescue gear and fire safety equipment. This will go toward assisting those living in unsafe conditions due to the flooding.

“Between sharing the project on our Facebook page and other fire departments sharing it, word spread quickly about needing equipment for those fire companies down there,” Shick said.

Fire departments in Sellersville, Upper Black Eddy, Haycock, Lower Salford, Upper Salford, and Telford are taking part in the donations.

Read more about the donations in the Bucks County Courier Times.

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