Bucks County Politician Introduces Bill to Make St. Patrick’s Day a Federal Holiday

federal holiday
Image via Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.
The local politician is working to make St. Paddy's a federal holiday.

Feeling lucky? A politician from Bucks County is working to make one of the most festive days of the year a federal holiday. Houston Keene wrote about the initiative for Fox News.

Just after St. Patrick’s Day, Bucks County politician and State Representative Brian Fitzpatrick is working to make the Irish celebration a federal holiday.

“Headed to the House floor to introduce the St. Patrick’s Day Act, to make St. Patrick’s Day a federal holiday,” he said on social media.

Fitzpatrick, a Levittown native, is hoping that the act will be passed through the House through a Republican majority. Making the holiday a federal one will lead to more days off for people around the county, the same way many have off for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The holiday has been celebrated in America by people of all backgrounds for centuries. The first recorded St. Patrick’s Day parade took place in what is now St. Augustine, Florida in the year 1601.

Read more about Fitzpatrick’s intentions at Fox News.


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