Delaware River Ranks Among the Top 10 in the Country for Tubing, Other Fun Activities

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The river is a popular destination for locals and visitors on a year-round basis.

One of Bucks County’s most popular outdoor spots has been listed as one of the best places for river tubing in the whole country. Bryan Reyes wrote about the outdoor spot for The Travel.

The Delaware River was listed #3 out of the top 10 rivers in America for tubing. A popular summer activity around the country, the river that divides Bucks County from New Jersey has been long known for being a great spot to enjoy the great outdoors.

With a short distance between the two states, tigers can enjoy the trees and scenic nature of the area as they float down the Delaware. It has become one of the most popular outdoor spots in the country for a reason.

From Washington’s famous crossing to popular fishing events, the river is a must-stop for nature lovers.

Read more about the Delaware River at The Travel.

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