Tourists, Mystery Chasers Flock to Upper Black Eddy to See and Hear Ringing Rocks

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Ringing Rock Park, pictured above, is known for its unique rock formations and its natural landscape.

One of Bucks County’s most popular parks is a must-stop location for nature lovers and those looking for a unique local outdoor spot. Piya Sengupta wrote about the park for Unbelievable Facts.

For years, Ringing Rocks Park in Upper Black Eddy has been attracting mystery chasers, explorers, and tourists who want to see the rocks that sound like bells when struck with a hammer. These wondrous geological marvels are called “sonorous rocks” or “lithophonic rocks” and no one knows the exact reason why they produce their unusual sounds.

The 128-acre Ringing Rocks Park is home to the biggest boulder field of musically talented rocks of various shapes and sizes. Stories passed down from Native Americans to the first European settlers say that animals stayed away from the rocks and that the cursed boulders did not allow any plants to grow on their surface.

The rocks resonate with a clear tone when hit with a hammer, “like that of a blacksmith’s anvil,” as was written by many explorers. In 1890, Dr. J.J. Ott collected a number of rocks from the area and performed several musical selections for a gathering of the Buckwampum Historical Society.

And while there are ringing rocks fields strewn across southeast Pennsylvania, Ringing Rocks Park is one of the very few that are open to the public.

Read more about the ringing rocks at Unbelievable Facts.

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