This Bucks County River Is Being Affected by Rising Sea Levels. Here’s What to Know

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The rising sea levels are expected to have an impact on local rivers.

One of Bucks County’s most important rivers may soon see its shores affected by the climate and other factors. Samantha Maldonado wrote about the river for The City.

Experts are now predicting that rising sea levels will have a major impact on local bodies of water, with the nearby Delaware River being one of them.

The impact this will have on local and nearby residents is expected to be significant; event residents of New York City are expected to be impacted, with the rising levels thought to impact drinking water supplies in the near future.

“The likelihood of both of those two things happening over the next three years is quite, quite low,” said Rohit Aggarwala, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner and Chief Climate Officer.

“The likelihood over the next 20 years, over the next 40 years, over the next 100 years is getting to a place where I think you have to take it seriously.”

Read more about the impact this has on the Delaware River at The City.

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