Yardley Agricultural Service Making Compost Buckets Available for Those Going Green

Image via Kona Compost Co.
The company is making composing fun and easy for Bucks County residents.

A Bucks County compost company is helping local residents find a unique gift for those who want to go green this coming year.

Kona Compost Co., based in Yardley, is offering their popular compost bucks as an alternative option for a Christmas gift this year. The bucket can be used to compost food byproducts and other household items that can be broken down for the use of gardening and other environmentally-friendly practices.

“But really, this bucket is for anyone who eats & produces food waste which is all of us,” the company said online.

“Whatever you celebrate, give the gift of sustainability this season to either yourself or someone else. Trust us, this will be the coolest, most talked about & one “thing” that actually gives back.”

Learn more about the company’s useful product at Kona Compost Co.

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