Owners of Proposed Wrightstown Winery Hope to Receive Zoning Relief

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Take a tour through Bucks county and enjoy its various wines.

The owners of a proposed Bucks County winery are hoping they will receive relief for their project from the local zoning hearing board. Jeff Werner wrote about the winery for the Newtown Patch.

The owners of a proposed Wrightstown Township winery, Angela J. Banket Rienzi and Armando D. Rienzi, are depending on the outcome of the board for their business. The pair appeared before the township’s zoning hearing board on Nov. 30 where they applied for seven variances.

The couple want to establish a winery on a 25-acre lot in the township’s Conservation Management Zoning District. They aim to use the property to grow and cultivate grapes as well as produce, store, and sell wine. They are also planning on opening tasting rooms, a bed and breakfast, and a special events venue.

Among other things, they are seeking relief to connect and widen existing driveways, to keep the current driveway bridges at 15 and 13 feet in width, to maintain a single loading berth where they would eventually need three, and to permit the site to maintain 2.15 acres of wine producing crops instead of the required five acres.

So far, they have received positive responses to their plans.

“I think it’s a positive project with no impact to the adjoining residences,” said Board of Supervisors Chairman Charles Pogonowski in July.

Read more about the proposed winery in the Newtown Patch.

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