A Langhorne Bagel Shop’s Sudden Closure Leaves an Opening for a New Food Spot

Bagels on a pan
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A popular bagel shop in Bucks County has suddenly closed, but many are hopeful that something just as good will take its place. Chris Rollins wrote about the closure for 94.5 PST.

Einstein Bros. Bagels in Langhorne has unexpectedly closed for good. Patrons who stopped by the shop for breakfast last week found themselves facing a locked door and a sign that read “Sorry, we’re permanently closed”. This left some with an unsettling feeling as there was no indication or warning that the shop would be closing.

The shop’s Facebook page currently marks the store as “Temporarily Closed,” but this is most likely not the case as the signs from the exterior of the building have already been removed. However, the tables and chairs can still be seen inside the space.

There is also currently no notice on the building to indicate what might be replacing Einstein Bros. Bagels at the location in the future.

Those who love Einstein Bagels can still find them not too far away. The chain has another outlet in Kohl’s shopping center on Big Oak and Oxford Valley Roads.

Read more about the recent closure at 94.5 PST.

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